Anne Frank: Fascinate Journey - From the early years to an end (World War 2 Biographies Book 1)


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 Anne Frank’s story is certainly a tragic one; every detail of it is steeped in the tragedy of the Holocaust. But sadness and sorrow is not the only thing that regards to Anne Frank’s life. Her story life offers a powerful story about a girl who wasn’t terrified to stand up for what was right. She stood in front of the worst that humanity has to offer and she didn't let it hurt her. Even the evil oppression of Hitler’s Nazi regime could never crush the strong-minded spirit of Anne Frank. In this book, you will discover Anne and her family; this is her story.  

Inside you will find about:
Lieutenant Frank and Corporal Hitler
Post War Germany
The Frank Family
Holland, invasion, and occupation
Life in the Secret Annex
And much more about!

The Life of Anne Frank: Fascinate Journey - From The Early Years to an End (World War 2 Book 1)

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