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  • The Spanish Flu of 1918: The Story of a Forgotten Pandemic

    The Spanish Flu of 1918

    The 1918 flu pandemic has been described as the “forgotten pandemic”. But there are lessons to be learned, especially relevant to our own situation with the COVID-19 pandemic. Indeed, history repeats itself and we should take lessons from the past – but do we?

    What could people do as they attempted to deal with this virulent pandemic? They had no specific drugs, no vaccines, and few supportive treatments to help them? Seen against the background of WW1, the story of their struggle resonates with us now as we face similar problems. But then they had fewer choices, fewer tools to diagnose the disease, and fewer qualified people to treat the sick in the best ways they could.

    It is unsurprising that conspiracy theories abounded – and there were some strange ones! We are taken on a journey into the lives of the men and women who lived – and died – during this pandemic. And the death toll was horrific.

    Researchers have studied the 1918 flu pandemic using the latest scientific instruments and methods. They have been able to throw some light onto this lethal virus and the effects it had worldwide. We are fortunate in having superb access to information on the internet, but at that time knowledge was sketchy and hard to either get it in the first place or to believe it when they got it.

    Local newspapers and photographs did a report on local businesses, but to get an overall view at the time was almost impossible – especially in the chaotic conditions of the late war years and its immediate aftermath. Now those details have been reassessed, together with DNS analysis, microscopic viral studies, and much more. We have a clearer picture than was possible at the time and we can look back at the situation our great-grandfathers had to deal with, not impartially, not critically, but with sympathy and a willingness to learn from their suffering.

    Some of the topics discussed include:
    ✓ Where the virus came from
    The background of WW1
    Conspiracy theories
    ✓ How civilians were affected
    How the flu was treated in 1918?
    Lessons we should have learned

  • Anne Frank: Fascinate Journey - From the early years to an end (World War 2 Biographies Book 1)

    Anne Frank’s story is certainly a tragic one; every detail of it is steeped in the tragedy of the Holocaust. But sadness and sorrow is not the only thing that regards to Anne Frank’s life. Her story life offers a powerful story about a girl who wasn’t terrified to stand up for what was right. She stood in front of the worst that humanity has to offer and she didn't let it hurt her. Even the evil oppression of Hitler’s Nazi regime could never crush the strong-minded spirit of Anne Frank. In this book, you will discover Anne and her family; this is her story.  

    Inside you will find about:
     Lieutenant Frank and Corporal Hitler
     Post War Germany
     The Frank Family
     Holland, invasion, and occupation
     Life in the Secret Annex
    And much more about!

  • Albert Einstein: Fascinate Journey - From the early years to an end (Biographies of Scientists Book 1)

    Step inside the world of Albert Einstein!
    During this book, you will experience a Fascinate Journey, From the early years to an end. Find out what is so exceptional about him. Why it took him so long to win the Nobel Prize? How did one insignificant patent clerk change the planet?
    Was he a family person?
    What kind of a father was Einstein?
    How did his work affect his marriages?
    What motivated him and keep his interest?
    And the importance of all,
    what made his mind to struggle with one of the greatest ideas of all time?

    Inside you will find about:

     Einstein’s Young Adult Life
     Einstein’s Early Papers
     Annus Mirabilis - Remarkable Years
     Einstein’s greatest blunder
     Einstein’s Tangled Family Affairs
     Einstein Travels Abroad
     The American Journey
     Religious views and Later life

  • Sir Winston Churchill: Fascinate Journey - From The Early Years to an End (Biographies of Leaders Book 1)

    The man that the world knows as Winston Churchill emerges largely on the stage of world history. Churchill moves between two major periods in the world, one foot planted in the glory days of the British Empire and the other planted firmly in the aftermath of World War Two,  a post-war order, the empire collapsed, with Britain barely holds its past glory days and sovereignty around its colonies. 

    Inside you will find about:

     A Young Soldier 
     Rising Politician 
     Churchill at the Admiralty
     The start of World War 1
     Post War Coalition Period
     The End of an Empire